Since her college days, Cristina Messina has thrived in settings where she feels recognized as an individual with a valued perspective — not a face in the crowd of a large auditorium or workplace.

Within a few weeks of joining Novocure as Senior Manager, Clinical Research Scientist, Cristina realized that she had found the right fit. She knew the names of most colleagues on our global Clinical Development team, and they knew hers. Senior leaders invited her to share her insights and opinions.

Cristina believes in the potential of our innovative Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) therapy to shift the treatment paradigm for patients facing some of the most aggressive forms of cancer. She oversees a team of clinical research scientists who provide training and education to active clinical investigators and potential investigators for future clinical studies.

Cristina believes it’s an exhilarating time to highlight our research leadership and demonstrate that there is much more work to be done exploring the potential of TTFields therapy.

The collaborative environment at Novocure helps colleagues form meaningful connections and build trust, she says. This, in turn, enables the organizational flexibility necessary for growth.

“It’s an exciting time to be at Novocure,” she said. “We’re growing and evolving, and we all get to have a voice in how the organization changes. The team has a variety of experience we bring to the table, this diversity in thinking has been and will continue to be an asset for Novocure.”

our clinical pipeline

We are committed to advancing the science of Tumor Treating Fields across a broad spectrum of solid tumors and bringing our therapy to cancer patients who may benefit.

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