Javier Beltran moved to Quebec from Colombia in 2015, seeking personal and professional growth. He embraced the chance to learn English and French and introduce his family to new cultures.

He joined Novocure in 2019, tasked with helping stand up our Patient Experience team in Canada as a Device Support Specialist (DSS).

One of our first Canada-based colleagues, Javier initially juggled multiple roles. Besides his core duties as a DSS, he assisted with shipments and deliveries at our Ottawa operations center.

Now, Javier travels regularly across Eastern Canada, instructing patients on Tumor Treating Fields therapy use and guiding them through device procedures. He also helps them navigate device access programs Canada offers before a medical device is officially covered or reimbursed.


Emotional support is integral. Javier builds trust through transparency and active listening. Time management is a challenge, he says, but he prioritizes being there for patients. He finds much satisfaction in giving patients a sense of empowerment over their cancer treatment.

“Since I was a very little kid, if I could help, I would do it with all the love and appreciation I could,” Javier said. “I believe we are here to take care of each other.”

Building bonds with individuals facing a terminal illness can be very difficult, he acknowledges. But it has also changed his life for the better.

“I enjoy simple, everyday moments with my family more now,” Javier said. “Maybe I’m sitting at breakfast with my son or daughter — I’m more comfortable taking the opportunity to say, ‘I love you.’”


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