what is tumor
treating fields?

Tumor Treating Fields is a cancer therapy that uses electric fields tuned to specific frequencies to disrupt cell division, inhibiting tumor growth and potentially causing cancer cells to die.

what is an
electric field?

An electric field is a field of force. Electric fields surround all charged objects. An electric field exerts forces on other charged objects within it.

Tumor Treating Fields describes electric fields that alternate 100,000 to 300,000 times per second to target cancer cells

treating cancer
with electric fields

Tumor Treating Fields uses alternating electric fields specifically tuned to target cancer cells. Once the electric fields enter the cancer cell, they attract and repel charged proteins during cancer cell division.

I find it fascinating that a fundamental physical entity, such as an electric field, can have such profound effect on cancerous cells.

Ze’ev Bomzon
Director of Science

tumor treating fields utilizes the natural electrical properties of dividing cancer cells

Cellular proteins such as tubulin and septin are strongly affected by Tumor Treating Fields because they are highly polar, containing both positive and negative charges. During cell division, tubulin and septin must position themselves in a particular way in order for the cell to divide. Tumor Treating Fields exerts forces on tubulin and septin, preventing them from moving to their correct locations and disrupting cancer cell division.

tumor treating fields causes minimal damage to healthy cells

Tumor Treating Fields does not stimulate or heat tissue and targets dividing cancer cells of a specific size. Tumor Treating Fields causes minimal damage to healthy cells. Mild to moderate skin irritation is the most common side effect reported.

tumor treating fields shows promise across a variety of solid tumor cancers

Tumor Treating Fields is approved in certain countries for the treatment of adults with glioblastoma and in the U.S. for mesothelioma, two of the most difficult cancer types to treat. The therapy shows promise in multiple solid tumor types – including some of the most aggressive forms of cancer.