Before joining Novocure in 2012, Ori Farber had recently completed his medical studies and was working in the emergency department of a hospital considering the next steps of his career. He wanted to do something completely different with his training. Instead of selecting a residency, he chose to work at Novocure.

“I was looking for something that would still be connected to medicine and patient care,” Ori said. “I wanted to make an impact on patients’ lives. And then I found Novocure.”

The company’s cancer treatment also combined two of his interests: medicine and bioengineering.

Ori, a Senior Medical Manager on Novocure’s Clinical Operations Team, works on all Novocure-sponsored clinical trials. He takes part in the development and preparation phase of trials as well as their execution. He provides medical input and advice to his Novocure colleagues, contract research organizations and investigators throughout the conduct of the clinical trials.

Ori said there is lot of work done behind the scenes in order to conduct clinical trials.
This company exists for patients. They are always on our mind.

“There are many parts, details and people involved,” he said. “It’s like an orchestra. It’s a huge effort in the planning, creation and execution of the study.”

When looking toward the future, he is most excited about Novocure’s evolving pipeline and the potential to help more cancer patients.

“Lung cancer is a good example,” Ori said. “There are so many people affected by this disease and there is so much room for improvement in the outcome and prognosis of these patients. There is a great potential to have an effect on a large patient population.”

Although Ori and the Clinical Operations Team do not treat patients, patients are always at the forefront of the work they do. Reflecting on his decision to join Novocure versus begin a residency in medicine, Ori feels he made the right choice and that he may have the opportunity to impact a larger number of patients in his role at Novocure than he would as a clinician.

“This company exists for patients,” he said. “They are always on our mind.”