Kim Dignan, Director of Revenue Operations, speaks to colleagues at Novocure's U.S. Operations Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Novocure, a global oncology company with U.S. operations based in New Hampshire, has been recognized as a top employer in the Granite State for the second year in a row.

Business NH magazine ranked Novocure at No. 6 on its list of the 2021 Best Places to Work For in New Hampshire. The publication, which ranked Novocure at No. 8 in 2020, selected top companies based on results of an employer survey, employee engagement survey and an assessment of each company’s benefits package and culture.

“Novocure offers employees the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally while making a difference in cancer,” said Bill Burke, Chief Human Resources Officer. “Whether they work in the U.S. Operations Center, in the field, or at any of our global locations, we ensure that our employees can develop new skills, build a career path and connect with colleagues who share their passion for helping patients.”

Our patient-forward mission is the keystone of our culture. Novocure has grown rapidly — from our founding in 2000 to crossing the 1,000-employee mark in 2020. We have remained committed to our mission of striving to extend survival in some of the most aggressive forms of cancer by developing and commercializing our innovative therapy, Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields). TTFields are electric fields that disrupt cancer cell division.
Lucy Moss, Talent Acquisition Specialist, and Bill Burke, Chief Human Resources Officer, attend a meeting at Novocure's U.S. Operations Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Novocure offers employees the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally while making a difference in cancer.

Bill Burke,
Chief Human Resources Officer

“We put the patients at the forefront of what we do,” said Amy Popielarz, Senior HR Business Partner. “We’ve evolved as a business, but why we do what we do has never wavered in my almost 10 years here.”

Our mission drives people to do their best work at Novocure.

“I’ve noticed that the successful candidates who get through the interview process are really passionate about our mission and what we do,” said Brylye Collins, Talent Acquisition Partner.

Christopher Henderson, Warehouse Operator, cherishes the opportunity to ship devices to people facing devastating illnesses. “I never lose sight of why I’m here, and the ability to help people that are dealing with cancer, that every day I’m sending out something that can help them,” he said.

Employee engagement is one of the factors that makes Novocure a top workplace. Another is our competitive compensation, which includes comprehensive health and wellness benefits, equity awards and more.

In addition, the company’s leaders take time to build community with employees. At the U.S. Operations Center in New Hampshire, for example, monthly breakfasts — virtual for now — allow employees from across the company to meet and chat based on their month of hire.
Brianna Mills, Senior Warehouse Supervisor, works from the U.S. Operations Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

“We’re actively thinking about how to build community, and that shows,” said Mike Ambrogi, Senior Technology Fellow and Novocure’s first New Hampshire employee.

When Michelle Sprague, Accounts Payable Specialist, joined Novocure in 2019, she received a warm welcome. “Everybody is accessible all the way to upper management,” she said. “It’s like you don’t have to hesitate or worry about contacting someone higher up, because everybody is genuinely open and willing to speak to you.”

At Novocure, leaders also advocate for employees to build new skills and advance in the organization. Cayla Davis, Senior Quality Control Specialist, joined Novocure in 2020 and feels blessed to have a manager who encourages her to learn and chart a growth path for the future.

“If you want to grow within a company, have endless amounts of opportunity, and you want to feel good when you leave here after working all day, then Novocure is definitely the company you want to work for,” Cayla said. “Because just in the year and a half I’ve been here, I’ve grown as a person, and I can already tell.”

Kimberly Sullivan, Medical Safety Specialist, has worked at Novocure for nine years. Kimberly is a cancer survivor herself, so helping patients with cancer is a highly personal mission. She was planning to pursue a career as a medical assistant before she joined Novocure and realized she could help patients in a different way by investigating medical complaints. Now she gives her business card to people she knows looking for a job in medical safety, reimbursement, customer service, shipping and handling, or other functions with open opportunities.

“I knew during my job interview that Novocure was the place that I wanted to be. This is the best job I’ve ever had in my entire career,” she said.