Prior to joining Novocure in 2012, Matt Lozano worked as a project manager in clinical trials and cancer research. In that role, he often observed the life-altering side effects cancer patients endured when receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“When I learned about the mechanism of action, technology and mild side effect profile of Tumor Treating Fields, I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of Novocure,” he said.

In his role as a device support specialist at Novocure, Matt works with cancer patients and their caregivers every day. Novocure’s device support specialists (DSSs) provide technical training on Novocure’s cancer treatment to glioblastoma (GBM) patients and their caregivers. They start new patients on therapy and follow up with them often in the first month of treatment as patients learn to incorporate the treatment into their lives. DSSs then connect with patients monthly to create a treatment compliance report for the patient and their health care provider, and to provide technical tips or address any concerns.

Working with patients is one of Matt’s favorite parts of his job.
You have to be patient and understanding of where they’re coming from. I always walk in with a big smile on my face.

“You have to be patient and understanding of where they’re coming from,” Matt said. “I always walk in with a big smile on my face. When you create a welcoming environment for the patients, they often better understand the device and become more accepting of the treatment.”

When interacting with patients, he enjoys being supportive and seeing GBM patients who are able to continue with their daily activities while on Novocure’s treatment. He recalled working with a patient who drove the entire Route 66 and another who continued his hobby of hunting.  Seeing patients accomplish their goals gives Matt a sense of meaning from his job.

“I feel like my face is glowing,” he said.  “I feel so incredible that our company is able to provide this treatment to them. They become like family.”

Matt also enjoys his colleagues and Novocure’s collaborative spirit – he and his team members often work together to ensure they are able to meet patients’ needs.

“We have such a great team where everyone is enthusiastic about what we do.”