Learn more about funding opportunities below.

Novocure is dedicated to supporting independent organizations with shared goals related to advancing medical care and improving patient outcomes.

Education grant funding and charitable contributions may be provided to support requests made by healthcare organizations, healthcare professional associations or patient advocacy groups for bona fide independent, unbiased, scientific, medical and patient activities.  Novocure will not provide input into the content or strategic direction of such initiatives.


Novocure will consider requests for funding:

education grants

  • Healthcare Professional Education
  • Patient/community education and awareness

charitable contributions

  • Healthcare
  • Non-Healthcare/Community

commercial sponsorships and exhibits/displays


Novocure considers a variety of factors when making funding decisions.  Consistent with our commitment and policy to conduct business ethically, Novocure will only fund requests for activities or initiatives that are in compliance with all applicable local, regional, state and country codes/guidelines/laws.

For more information on types of requests, required information and the request submission process, download this handout.

Note: All funding requests/applications must be complete and received via email through grants@novocure.com at least 60 days (ideally 90 days) prior to an activity. No requests will be considered for activities that have already occurred.



education grant application

charitable contribution application

sponsorships and exhibits/displays: Direct initial sponsorship-related questions and correspondence to grants@novocure.com and your email will be routed to the appropriate party within Novocure.